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Weekend Movies

Wall•E WALL·E is Disney Pixar’s latest film. Ever since Michael saw the first trailer for it at the theater he’s been “I want to see WALL·E. I wanna go see that. Let’s go see it.” So on Friday we went to see it. I generally enjoy Pixar movies and this was no exception. WALL·E is an adorable little robot who has some pretty funny quirks. I wasn’t so fond of his pet cockroach, though. Ugh; cockroaches.

The movie seemed to have several political messages in it. The major one, of course, being about all the garbage people create. WALL·E was one of the robots left on Earth to clean up while everyone went in to space to get away from it all. I think it was a little extreme but still a good point to make. There’s also a message about obesity but I think I’d spoil some of the movie if I talked about it.

We both immensely enjoyed the movie. Pixar is well known for having easter eggs in their movies and this was no exception. Once WALL·E has finished charging (he’s powered by solar energy) he makes the Mac start up chime. As we left the theater Michael claimed that he’s going to buy it as soon as it’s out on DVD. Speaking of leaving, if you haven’t seen it yet I encourage you to stay for the credits because they’re also entertaining to watch.

The Bucket List Last night we were going to watch a movie with some friends and one asked if we had seen The Bucket List. We hadn’t so off to Redbox it was. I think Redbox is pretty awesome because it’s only $1 for a new release. That is, if they manage to have it in stock. The movie is about two men who, after being given 6 months to a year to live due to different types of cancer, decide that they are going to take off and accomplish different things they’ve written on their “Bucket List.” The idea stems from a college philosophy assignment one of them received in college. It was to write a list of all the things he wanted to do before he ‘kicked the bucket.’

While it may seem like the depressing sort of movie (since both of the main characters have cancer and have been told they’ll die within the year) it really isn’t so bad. Parts of it are narrated by Morgan Freeman. He’s just got that kind of voice that is pleasant to listen to but could also very easily put you to sleep. Jack Nicholson does a good job of playing a slightly crazy cancer patient.

Of Grammar on the Internet

I understand that when communicating on the internet most people fall into using internet slang. When it comes to instant messaging, text messaging, or even talking within a game it’s understandable. What I don’t find acceptable are simple grammar and spelling mistakes. Things like your and you’re, there their and they’re, and to too and two. I really don’t see two misused as often as the others. Your and you’re are significantly more common than that. Is it really that difficult to know that the presence of an apostrophe (in these cases) indicate a contraction? When someone says something like “Well your just being stupid” who is the one who looks stupid? Often I feel the need to reply with “My stupid what?” because they’ve used the possessive form.

Then there’s the misspellings. I make my fair share of spelling mistakes but since I use Firefox I’m able to cut them out because of the built in spell checker. I’ve not delved in to IE7 or any other browser to really know if they have that as built in or add on capability. (Yes, I’m a Firefox user and really don’t care for IE much at all though I am aware a good portion of the population still uses it. This could be cause for another rant entirely on how often I hear people say “I get to the internet by clicking on the blue ‘E'” when I’ve asked them what browser they’re using.)

One thing that a spell checker can’t help is the choice of the wrong word. While there are many examples to choose from there are two that I’ve seen recently: bear and wary. Often whenever someone is wishing to ask someone to “bear with them” it will read “Bare with me for a moment.” Then you have wary. Just the other day I saw that someone had mentioned they were ‘weary’ of doing a certain task. Further reading indicated that they had never performed this task and were actually ‘wary’ of it.

As a final item: grammar in general. I was reading a news article online the other day and realized that one sentence made entirely no sense. It seemed as if someone had been copying and pasting some sentences in and somehow smashed two into one though that’s just a guess; there was no period at the end of the thought. In another article on the same site there were no spaces after the periods in one portion of the article. On yet another website I was bombarded by a multitude of misplaced commas. It was as if the author really had a thing going for commas and just threw them in after every few word.

I don’t claim to have perfect grammar all the time. It’s been years since I’ve had any type of grammar course to remind me about things like ending sentences in prepositions. (Though I do remember that one; do I always follow it? Probably not.) All of this reminds me of one of my favorite scenes from The Lord of the Rings movie:

“Anyways, you need people of intelligence on this type of mission…quest…thing.” – Pippin in The Fellowship of the Ring

All in all if you want to be taken seriously you should pay attention to your grammar and spelling. It speaks a lot about a person, even in this age of internet and texting slang. That’s my 2¢ on the matter.

blink… blink… blink…

Ever have that feeling before? You’re sitting there, all ready to type out some amazing post and the cursor just sits there, mocking you. Maybe it’s because this blog is all shiny and new. I think I’ve always found the first post to be the hardest. Once it’s over it doesn’t seem so bad. I could do the whole “Welcome to!! It’s my new blog and personal site that I just reopened after a long period of inactivity. Blah blah blah.” That approach, however, always seems so stiff and overly cheerful.

It is true that this site has been inactive for a while. Sometime in college it seemed as if there wasn’t enough time for anything and having a website fell by the wayside, a casualty of higher education. Then, a month or so back, a friend started digging through some of her old web design files and posting them on LiveJournal. That prompted me to find all of my old things and put together Once as a place to house them. A growing interest in photography produced 365. Designing these sites seemed to have once again kindled my interest in design and blogging as well, thus sparking the renewal of

And so, after several days of working on the site, here it is. It’s still a little rough around the edges but I prefer to think that a website is always a work in progress. I don’t exactly plan to update every single day, nor will I apologize for a lapse in updates.

That’s all for now, I suppose. I have a bowl of yummy Snickers ice cream to devour.

Hello world!

This is the first post! I’m working on refining all of the templates, adding and configuring plugins, and adding the content now that wordpress is installed. Look for more updates in the near future.

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