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I’ve started several posts but they’re still sitting as drafts. Some I want to gather some pictures for, some I need more time to be able to sit down and be able to express myself clearly. However, I keep finding that I have a lot to talk about with no where to really talk about it. However, most of the time I’ll tell myself “That doesn’t belong on your blog because it’s just ridiculous.” Or “You shouldn’t post that because no one else really gives a hoot.” That thought brings up something else I’ve often pondered about: should I put so much emphasis on writing what I think other people will find interesting or should I just write whatever I want to? I think I’m going to go with the latter.

So here are some topics that have come to mind lately that I will probably end up writing about just to get them off of my mind:

  • Politics – can of worms #1
  • Religion – can of worms #2
  • Elitism – did I miss something? Didn’t high school end?
  • Mac vs PC – is there any reason for people to vehemently decry one or the other?
  • “Design” sites – I’ve seen some that make me cringe. Also, designing in general.

This weekend, though, will be full of cleaning, packing, and moving. If I can I’ll be updating my twitter. I’ve made a note to myself that my next design is going to be able to show more of those and in some place other than the footer. It’s a good place for random thoughts that don’t have enough substance for an entry.

I should add that lately I simply haven’t had the time. It’s been one of those weeks at work. Several days I’ve stayed past 5:00, even, so that’s even less time at home.

Getting tutored

We now no longer have to worry about having more kittens than we need. Midna and Poe took a trip Thursday and Friday to get ‘fixed’. The other day I came across this picture and I can’t resist:


I think they’re both on their way to recovery. Midna has been growling and hissing (mostly at Poe) but Michael wasn’t home when they got here so I think she was upset about him not being there. Taking them where they needed to go and then going back to get them took up my Thursday and Friday evenings.

Friday was busy for another reason: Michael and I went to look at a house. One to rent, that is. We’ve been wanting to move for a while because we have a few issues with our current place. Long story short: we’re moving by the end of this month. We went to sign the lease today and pay a deposit and all of that fun stuff. The really fun part has already begun; a friend of mine came over and helped me start cleaning some and packing books, movies, and games up in boxes. I’ve been asked to post pictures of pre-move in so once I get those transferred and cropped I’ll be posting a few of those.

What a week

Yes, I know that it’s only Wednesday. And yet I find myself saying this: what a week. I was very disappointed this morning because as soon as I woke up I thought it was Friday but then realized that it’s only Wednesday.

Next week is a week of training on new software at work so these past two days I’ve been busy preparing machines to be used during training. For many different reasons it hasn’t gone well. The most baffling one is that the software won’t install unless you have a PDF reader installed. The software even shows a list of components that have to be installed before installation can start but a PDF reader isn’t on the list at all. Chalk one up for learning the hard way. This is what I’ve been going on about on twitter today. I saw far too many “Fatal error during installation” messages for my liking. However, towards the end of the day things started going better. I have about half of the machines I need ready so I’m more optimistic about tomorrow.

It looks like work is going to be taking a lot of time and energy for me in the upcoming weeks. I may end up tweeting more than posting because some days I just feel like I couldn’t write a coherent post to save my life.

Just a few too many

Note to self: One should be aware of how many appliances and devices are running on one breaker. It’s probably not a good idea to have:

  • 2 computers
  • 3 monitors
  • 2 sets of speakers
  • a laptop
  • a modem
  • a router
  • a hub
  • a tv
  • an XBOX 360
  • a Playstation 2
  • an alarm clock
  • and a phone charger

all on one breaker. Though not all of these devices were turned on at once some still draw a small amount of power while plugged in, like the game consoles and the laptop. While no serious damage has occurred power did flicker once too many things were turned on. Too many being Michael’s computer and montors and my computer and monitor. The issues has been resolved, I believe, by running an extension cord from the bedroom (which is on a separate breaker) to provide power for the bulk of Michael’s computer related things.

Edit:How could I forget these?

  • 2 light fixtures (1 is for the closet and is hardly on)
  • a printer
  • and a small lamp

So yes. Just a few too many things in the room.

My Computer: Part V

My computer has finally come home. I’m a little late posting this because I’ve been busy getting everything I need off of my laptop such as my nearly 4GB of pictures I’ve taken. I’ve also spent a bit of time just staring in awe of my 22″ monitor that has sat unused behind my laptop for 3 months. It is a vast improvement over my laptop’s monitor.

Thursday I came home a little early for lunch to find that we had missed the UPS delivery by about 20 minutes. The notice they left said that they would attempt another delivery on Friday. No one would be home then either. None of their automated menu options offered the choice to change the address a package was to be shipped to. Thanks to GetHuman I was able to bypass the automated system to get to an actual person who was able to change the address to my workplace. Once I got back from lunch on Friday I was told that I had a package at the campus post office. Since my computer was the only package I was expecting I knew it was it. Friday’s can be a little slow but this one (I was going to say yesterday but it’s technically Sunday since it is after midnight) seemed to drag just a little more. Once Michael picked me up from work it was back to the apartment to set everything up. Thankfully it arrived in one piece with no damage.

Michael helped me get it out of the box and connect all of the cables. I wasn’t too picky then about getting them as neat as computer cables can be so I spent a bit of time this morning straightening things up. So far it worked like a dream. I am still in awe of my monitor; I have room for all sorts of things. Whatever I’m working on in Photoshop won’t be half hidden by my toolbars anymore! I’m glad to have my music back as well as the rest of my files. I’ve spent a bit of time transferring things over from my laptop so that I don’t always have it booted and running as well. There’s still a bit to get transferred over but I’ve made a good dent in it. I think it’s going to take another day or so for my excitement to die down any.

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