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The holidays are here. By that I mean Thanksgiving is tomorrow and Christmas is less than a month away. That in turn means time off from work! Time to visit family and spend time with loved ones. For us, visiting family means traveling no matter which side we’re going to see. We’re going to my parent’s for Thanksgiving this year which is definitely the shorter trip.

Alas, I won’t have much internet access over the break so see ya Sunday!


A while back I decided that I had failed my 365 photography project. It got to the point where I felt like I was taking pictures just to be taking pictures. I also did not like the guilty feeling I got whenever I didn’t have something to upload. However, I still liked taking photos and posting them online so I decided to create a new photo blog.

Thus, Captured was born. I actually started work on Captured when I made the server move. Due to a couple of complications with the move (and some laziness on my part) I didn’t get everything wrapped up until now.

There are a few differences between this and the old photo blog. As I’ve already mentioned, I have no rules for myself about how often I post. I do plan to keep it updated regularly but no more scrambling to find a picture to post, no more thinking that I’ve failed. Someday, maybe, I’ll be able to have a successful 365 project.

Another difference between this photo blog and 365 is that I’m using this Yet Another Photo Blog plug in. With that and a few custom WordPress fields I’ve been able to improve the setup of the site as well as make it easier to expand the site later on.

Finally, it’s hosted at a different domain. I have a couple of reasons for this but I’m not going to go into them right now. I do plan to do more with that domain than what is there at present. It’s a project on my seemingly never ending to-do list.


I’ve noticed that when I become unhappy with the look of one of my sites I slack a bit on updating until I change the layout. If you can’t tell… I’m a little unhappy with how some of this turned out. Websites, to me, are always a work in progress. This particular design needed a little more work. I had intended to see if I could fix what irked me about it but once I got started on something new I’ve been devoting my time to that. That, and I finally got my hands on a copy of Brisingr! There’s one thing books and designing have in common for me: once I get my hands on one I work on them almost exclusively until they are finished.

mini preview

That is the color palette I’m working with. Surprisingly, there’s a touch of pink in it. I know it’s more of a purple pink but it’s still pink. I have never liked pink. I’m not even that big of a fan of red. Pink has always just been a ‘no’ to me. It could possibly be some subconscious association of that color with everything that is girly-girly. I have never been a really girly girl nor have I ever been a fan of IN YOUR FACE pink. Pink could refer to a wide variety of colors, I suppose, but I have never been a fan. Maybe it is because I want to fight the stereotype of the color but personally, I just don’t like it. I’d take something blue or green (maybe purple) any day of the week over something that is pink.

These observations have lead me to a small realization: just because I don’t like the color doesn’t mean I should avoid it. It has its uses and I’m actually very pleased with how it looks in what I’m working on. I hadn’t really thought that such a seemingly small bias could have an impact on my design efforts but the possibility is there.

Bias is something that applies to more than just a dislike of a color. Bias in its stronger forms leads to prejudice and racism. I know a lot of people like to pretend that we are above being prejudiced or bias towards another person just because of their ethnic, religious, or cultural backgrounds but we aren’t. Racism is alive and well in this country. It’s creeping back into the spotlight after the results of the recent election but it should be no big surprise. Sometimes I wish everyone could just take a step back and see how their bias is affecting other aspects of their life. They’d probably be surprised.



While Michael was napping Midna decided to make herself at home.


Getting married soon? Thinking about getting married? Never planning to get married? What ever the case may be I’m pretty sure you’ll find this entertaining. If you’re one of the first two: prepare to be bombarded. People tend to ask a lot of questions around wedding time, some genuine, some humorous, and some not so polite. Even people you barely know will come up and ask these questions when they find out you’re getting married or were recently married.

In the short weeks leading up to my own wedding I was bombarded with questions like “Are you nervous? Are you ready?” My fiance was constantly reminded that he had “X days to run!” It got old fast. And I bet you everyone thought that they were the first to ask or tell us that! We were both ready to punch people’s faces in after a while. I did get one comment from only two people. Once our engagement picture ran in the paper two different people told me that they had “found a new picture for their garden.” I was baffled at first but then some one told me they meant to use it as a scarecrow. It was a pretty bad joke (as in corny) but at least it was something different.

Once the wedding was over the questions and comments didn’t stop; far from it, actually. When we returned from our honeymoon every person we met would ask “So how’s married life?” How could we possibly give an answer to that question? We had been married for mere days! Did they expect us to discover that we absolutely couldn’t stand each other? Did they want to know if we were fighting? Or are they asking just to make small talk and it’s just as insincere as a “How are you doing?” kind of question. Of course they all asked it as if they were the first person to say it. It got old. People continued to ask me this for quite some time after the wedding. Sometimes I had the urge to just flat out lie and start making horror stories up. I never did, though.

What was worse, though, were those who asked “How was the honeymoon?” I mean really. What is it that people really want to know when they ask that kind of question? I’ve always thought it was a little more than rude. Are they just asking about the trip or do they want to know more? Even if they aren’t wanting to delve into your personal affairs they’re asking about your honeymoon for cryin’ out loud. Then again I’m a rather private person when it comes things that are that personal. (That reminds me: I have a draft about discretion, especially on the internet, that I’ve been sitting on for a while. One of these days I’ll finish it.)

Thankfully we’ve managed to avoid (for the most part) the next question: So when are you having kids? Not that it hasn’t been asked. I’m sure it was right after some people’s “So how is married life?” It’s just not come up as frequently as the others seemed to have. (For the record, the answer is “Not for a while.”)

Anyone else have a similar experience with people asking the same questions over and over again?

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