I feel as if it is necessary to explain the recent “downtime.” Some visitors may have noticed that, at various times, they receive a “Page Load Error” or “Page Cannot be Displayed” message when trying to access this site or Captured. There’s a slight problem, though: I don’t have an explanation.

On November 17 I reported this issue to my hosting company. My sister had asked me if my sites were down. I pulled them up and found out that no, they weren’t. Not for me, at least. She was not able to access them for several days. In the following weeks I found out that at seemingly random times, sometimes just hours or even minutes of being able to access either of the sites, the only thing I was able to see was a “Page Load Error” message. During that time I was in communication with the hosting company through their support system regarding this issue. They said that it could have something to do with my ISP. However, it’s not just my ISP. At present I know with certainty that three separate ISPs have issues resolving the domain name. I have been told by others that they also have these problems accessing the site.

According to my host it has never been an issue with the server being down. To my knowledge, my sites are the only ones on the server having issues. I have never been told otherwise. They have informed me that they have been looking into the issue to see if the problem is being caused by something other than my ISP. After several messages back and forth with my host one measure has been taken to possibly fix the situation. I am currently waiting for more information to find out if this has been resolved for good. Since it happens at random to different people it will be difficult to determine.

So I have another favor to ask: If at any time after this you find that you cannot access this site please let me know. A short message to atyler[at]gmail.com will be enough, though if you don’t care to include who your ISP is I would greatly appreciate it.