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echodrift is finally running on WordPress 2.7. I know, I know. I meant to do this a long time ago but then one thing led to another which led to procrastination. What can I say? I have a few plugins left to upgrade but I don’t want to do that yet because I don’t want to screw some of my formatting up. If you spot anything that’s still off be sure to let me know.

I do have a post planned to talk about the strangely large list of TV shows I’m currently watching. Instead of working on it, though, I watched some of said shows. Oops. Instead, have a picture from today:

Golden Haze

It definitely looks better on black. Speaking of photos, my 365 project is going OK so far. I’m up to Day 52. I still have decided what to do with my photoblog. I’m about to decide that I want to just find a way to include them here. Wonder if I can work that into the current layout…

Do you remember

Being little and saying “I can’t wait to be a grownup!”? Hmm; pretty sure a punctuation perfectionist will get me on that one. Anyway, if you do, listen to me: find a way to travel back in time and tell your younger self to shut up because they don’t know what they are talking about.

Point under consideration: Spring Break. I know, I know, Summer Break is longer and more appealing, but let’s keep it small for now. Who doesn’t like getting a whole week off to do nothing without calculating out how many days of vacation for the entire year that they’ll have left after that one week? I think it would be pretty darn awesome to get a week off right about now. Granted, the weather today was terrible. It rained for a good while and only cleared off after 6 or 7. Side note: I am so excited that it isn’t pitch black when I get home! The rest of the week is supposed to look pretty decent but even if it wasn’t I think I need some time to catch up.

Think about the best parts: you can forget about school (your primary responsibilities) for a whole week. If you’re lucky you don’t even have any projects assigned for when you get back. You don’t have to set an alarm clock. You can stay up late (maybe) and take naps whenever you want (though I suppose voluntary maps are more of a college student thing).

I’m here to tell you a very sad thing: people who become grownups and do the “adult thing” don’t get Spring Break unless they become teachers. They deserve it, I think, though they do get an awful lot of days off for things like snow that the 9-5’ers can only dream about.

There are much more disadvantages to being a grown up other than the absence of a Spring Break. Paying bills comes to mind. It’s no fun either. Neither are taxes. On that note, excuse me while I partake in one of the few things “grown ups” and children share in common: bed time.

(If you’re wondering, yes, the husband is on spring break this week. Sigh.)

Fur babies

I haven’t posted anything about my fur babies lately, have I. Except they aren’t really babies anymore. Poe especially is getting quite big. They decided to have some fun as I was making up the bed yesterday so I took some time out to play with them. I ended up with one good one of Midna, which is one more than I usually get, and several good ones of Poe.




I see you

I’ve come to the conclusion that I do not like WordPress’s image upload features. I’d rather do it manually, but then I miss out on the auto thumbnails and whatnot.

Getting there

Well now. Over the weekend I had a bit of server issues. Basically, I woke up Saturday morning to find that it was down. Later that day my host responded to my ticket and offered to move me to a new server they were bringing online. I gladly accepted. Since it looks like my DNS has propagated again my sites are good to go. So far the new server has been behaving very well.

I had planned to do some maintenance to the site over the weekend, WordPress upgrades and whatnot. Since everything was in transition I was unable to do so. The time off actually gave me some more time to think. I’ve been putting a bit of time into my 365 project. It’s making the idea of a photoblog a bit… superfluous. It’s also causing my flickr account to fill up, which is another problem. I haven’t decided what to do yet but I might end up nixing the photo blog. I’m terrible at coming to decisions, though, so who knows.

One of the things I did do instead of updating sites (that couldn’t be updated) was create a mosaic for my pictures from February. I am pleased to say that I got 27 of the 28 days of February. I think it’ll be something to look back on all of these at the end of the year.

February 365 mosaic

By the way, it is confusing to come back to adding WordPress tags after dealing with flickr for a few weeks. There, you separate tags with a space and use quotes if you want a two-or-more word tag. WordPress, of course, makes you separate them with commas.

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