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One of my sisters and her husband came to visit today. After sitting around chatting some we went to Arby’s for lunch and talked some more. I really wish we could visit more with them because I had a great time. Once we got back from lunch my cousin came over to play with my sister’s paints. She had brought oil and watercolors. I was supposed to have found my acrylics but they were no where to be found. I looked through every closet twice before I found them in a box of scrap booking supplies. I’m highly organized like that.

They both began working on a painting of a picture of a hollyhock I took last year. I had to search for about 15 minutes to find out where it was on my hard drive so they would have a reference. (Another sign of my highly organized system.) During that time I finally found my acrylics and decided to start painting… something. I only got as far as covering the entire canvas with a background color. See, I haven’t used the acrylics since my sister gave them to me, oh, over a year ago. Everything kept glooping together and made mixing the color I wanted a little difficult. It often turned into a vomit green color and I had to start over. But that’s all part of the fun, right? Also part of the fun was deciding that yes, we are all crazy and that just makes life more fun. I was also able to document some of their painting process. More photos after the cut.

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I’ve been avoiding writing. Some things have happened and I’m just not comfortable with talking about them in a public way. Weird statement for a blogger, maybe, but some things definitely don’t need to be said in public. A while back I had planned to write a big post on what people do and say online that should maybe kept private but I think that draft has been around for over six months now. Pretty strong indication that I’ll never finish it.

I will talk about it some now, though, planned post be hanged. (I really just looked that up to see if I should use ‘hung’ instead.) I used to never have a problem with separating my online life from my personal life. No one in my social circle was into the “design” thing way back when and for others… what they didn’t know didn’t hurt them. If I had something to say that I didn’t really want out in the open I had a protected journal to post in. I still do, actually. I’m fully aware that one is not entitled to any level of privacy if they decide to post something online without placing a password on it or some other sort of security. Of course, someone you let in to your confidence could betray you but thankfully that has never happened to me.

Things are a little bit different these days. “Social networking” seems to be the buzzword of the year so far with the rising popularity of Facebook and other sites like that twitter thing. (Really, it’s fairly entertaining to hear non twitter users talking about twitter. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve heard say “I don’t want to read about what you ate for lunch so why would I use twitter?” or something similar. Twitter can be used for much more than that.) I have been rather surprised by the increasing numbers of older users on Facebook. Please don’t take offense; I’m not trying to say that some people are too old to use the internet or make derogatory comments about people’s ages. I’m sure there are some kids who would say that I’m the old fogey here and what am I doing on their interwebs!? Still, one really wouldn’t expect that one’s parents would be on Facebook but it’s happening.

Where am I going with this. So many sites now allow you to bring in content from other websites. I do so with my blog and my twitter account. Facebook will allow you to connect to all sorts of sites including any site that has an RSS feed. All of those stories can be imported and published to your news feed. You can add your own websites to your profile and all kinds of different things. Since Facebook is intended to be used to connect to people you know online and offline life start to blur. In reality this shouldn’t be a problem. A person should be able to be the same online as they are offline and vice versa.

So maybe I’m not really going anywhere with this; I’m having a hard time explaining what I want to say. In a way this whole internal mess I’m trying to straighten out has to do with more than just what a person posts online. I don’t even know who, exactly, reads this. This site is linked to from some of the sites I’ve already mentioned so it could be any number of people I know, both online and off.

I guess what I really want to ask is where do you draw the line between doing what you feel is right for yourself and doing what makes people you know and care about happy? What happens when you come to a time where the two are completely incompatible? Several people have told me that you should do what makes yourself happy but how do you reconcile that with the fact that you know you are disappointing others or that they will never accept that you are doing those things to help yourself?

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