Oh look, an elephant!

Actually, there is no elephant unless you consider the inescapable fact that I haven’t updated this in two and a half months. I would say “Oops” but it’s not like I purposefully did or didn’t update. There is something notable in the fact that my hosting is coming up for renewal and I’m all I DID WHAT TO MY WEBSITE??

But now I’m feeling like I actually want to do this thing again. However, I need to either find a template I like (ew; don’t get me wrong I have nothing against premades it’s just that part of the point for me is making my own) or making one. The latter is something I’ve had a big fat ZERO number of ideas for lately. I am going to consciously think about it now and see what I can cook up.

So, for the meantime I will continue to update twitter and flickr.

Edited five minutes later when struck by a certain thought. There CAN be an elephant in this post! Proof:


This fellow hung out at the Renaissance Fair I went to a few weeks back. When he would stop to pick up more riders it seemed like he looked this way to see if there was anyone to take his picture.