What gives?

Last night I sat down and was all ready to write up an entry on how I’ve spent so much time reading lately that I just haven’t bothered to blog. So I tried to bring up my WordPress Admin page when I get a “Server not found” message. Oh no, not again. So I tried another site (it is in dire need of attention and shall not be named) and got the same story. I tried to ping both sites and got a “ping request could not find the host” message. Support caught one of my tweets and looked into the issue but everything is shiny on their side. No one has problems accessing anything.

My host did make an announcement about some nameserver updates but since it really only applied to customers using nameservers I wasn’t supposed to have to do anything. Support had me to manually flush my DNS cache but when that yielded no favorable results they asked if I could change my nameservers anyway, just in case. I was able to for the neglected site but then I remembered: this domain was registered through Netrillium. A few days ago I got a message saying that Netrillium would be merging with AxisHOST. (Aside: I am so tired of businesses and products that are like LowercaseALLCAPS. Do they have any idea how annoying that is to type, especially when you have to refer to them often in typed communications?) As of Wednesday, all domain updates would be handled through the AxisHOST control center and if you didn’t already have an account you needed to request one. Of course I would need to try to update my nameservers on the day they made the switch and I didn’t already have an account.

Honestly, I don’t want to bother with changing nameservers. But, since the company says everything is fine, I don’t have many other options. I’m able to access everything now but I suspect that this is due to my using a different ISP at the moment. If it is something to do with my ISP there isn’t much I can do about that; they’re my only option for cable.

So. Entry on books to come later. You should take a look at my books page to see how large the list has grown in the meantime.