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Wordless on Wednesday


Film thoughts and dogwoods

For some reason I have really been wanting to try shooting with a film camera. The only time I’ve ever done so was in high school (I don’t want to think about how many years ago that was) and I didn’t know how to do anything, really, except push the shutter button. The problem with film is cost. I don’t think picking up a film camera body on eBay or another used site would be a problem (so long as I can figure out what or what not to buy).

The kickers are buying and developing film. I honestly have no idea how much it would cost to take and develop even one roll. I’d hate to feel like I was wasting money every time I take a shot. That’s one of the major appeals of digital photography. With an 8GB card I usually don’t have to worry about running out of exposures. If I take a bad shot I can just try again. (At least, that’s true in most cases; some shots are a one time only deal.) Of course, there are probably plenty of people who are against digital photography for that one reason. It’s easy to not really pay attention to the shot you’re taking if you always think you can just take another if the first doesn’t turn out.

For now I’ll just keep shooting digital. I do have my eye on some stuff but (almost) all fellow photographers can commiserate: everything is expensive! I’ll leave off with some pictures of dogwood flowers. I think the first is my favorite.





How does this thing work?

Oh that’s right, you have to remember to open the dashboard and actually write something. And then hit publish. It’s not like I’ve forgotten how to blog. I just haven’t.

But then a friend told me that my domain was parked and wondered what had happened to it. Cue freak out. I’ve had this name registered since August 2003 (give or take a month). Except for that one time I let it expire, can’t remember how, and some squatter managed to register it. I wasn’t going to pay hundreds of dollars to get it back so I waited for an entire year and was able to snatch it back when it expired next. Even though I haven’t blogged since… November (had to check on that one) I still did not want anything to happen to the site. I’ve had it since 2003 (except for that one year)! There’s nothing like almost losing something to make you realize how much it means to you.

After some very panicked emails it turned out to be a misunderstanding with my registrar that was quickly resolved, much to my relief. I’m still not too sure what to do with the site, though. I don’t exactly have a blogging niche but I do want to have interesting content. I am no closer to finding a balance in what I want to write and what I feel like I can right. Write. You’ll have to excuse me; I’ve been trying various medicines (with the allowed dosages and spaced hours apart) to try to combat some terrible allergies. While I’ve not been burned by anything I’ve posted that’s work related (because that content is about nil; I know better but oh the stories I could tell), I have had bad experiences with sharing some of my personal life. A year ago. And it still bothers me. Let that be a lesson for everyone who quotes the “sticks and stones” garbage. Broken bones heal (except for toes; I broke mine nearly 3 years ago and it still bothers me sometimes). Words leave wounds that run deeper and last longer. Dramatic? Perhaps, but truthful.

Perhaps I shall find something to get me to post more than once every few months. Being able to refresh the design here would also be great. I had heard great things about upcoming versions of WordPress which may already be out; I should check in to that.

(Sorry, I seem to have a parenthesis addiction.)

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