Today my blood boiled

Recent events have set me on edge. I usually do not write about certain things because I try to keep certain areas of my life separated. But earlier today some of my rage spilled on to twitter. My short, 140 character thoughts were fairly vague. I had even posted on Facebook, also a bit cryptically. I hardly ever post anything like this on either site due to wanting to keep areas of my life separate. Several hours after this particular incident I don’t think my blood pressure is anywhere back to normal; I am that upset. So I have decided to exercise my First Amendment rights. I say none of this lightly and I have not said anything I would not say to someone’s face.

Let me start with telemarketers. No one really likes them, right? They call and try to sell you things and waste your time. They interrupt your dinner. They’re annoying. But they are still people. People in need of jobs. Human beings who are just trying to make a living. I’m almost certain that most people who find themselves in that position would probably prefer a different job if they could find one. Some may like it but I don’t think the job itself has a ton of appeal. I could be completely mistaken as I have never had to work as one. How can we demean people who are just trying to survive?

Next, consider that the United States has outsourced many jobs. Labor is cheaper in other parts of the world. It’s a fact. This is a capitalist country and full of greedy (and non-greedy) people. Guess what? People in other parts of the world are ALSO human beings. They may not look like you, they may not have grown up speaking the same language as you, they may practice a religion that is different from yours but it doesn’t make any difference. All human beings on this earth were created equally and are equally deserving of respect.

Take those two points and put them together. What do you get? A large portion of telemarketers who were not born in America, did not grow up speaking English, and most certainly don’t sound like you do. True, some of them have English that is a little hard to understand. Or really hard to understand. Some of them have better English than us, if you can imagine that! I will make this point again and again in this post: they are still human.

Now consider how you respond to telemarketers, especially those that are “foreigners.” Do you simply hang up? Do you politely let them know that you are not interested before hanging up? Do you fabricate some ridiculous story and waste their time? Cause that would just be so funny. (What’s the internet symbol for sarcasm?)

Or do you start talking in a fabricated accent that is some twisted version of how you assume someone from their country would sound, openly mocking the individual on the other end of the line?

Unfortunately, that is exactly what I witnessed today. Someone in a professional institution answered the phone and treated another human being in this completely disrespectful way. I was so angry that I began to immediately speak out to my superior about the situation to try to get it stopped. After the call was finished, the person who behaved in this despicable manner was slightly reprimanded. Slightly. The lack of repercussion has only escalated my outrage. I wish that I could apologize to this person because there was absolutely no legitimate reason for the treatment they received for doing their job.

This is not the only event that has contributed to my reasons for writing a post like this. Recently, I have seen many people “liking” statuses and pages on Facebook that go something like this:

WELCOME TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Press 1 for English. Press 2 to disconnect until you learn to speak English.

Shame on them. They obviously do not know their history if they think that English is the only language that should be spoken in America.

I am having a hard time wondering if I should be amazed that bigotry like this exists or outraged that people think behavior like this is OK. The two are nearly inseparable. I am both speechless and livid. How do we live in a world where people think that it’s all right to mock someone simply because they were born somewhere that isn’t America? Or because their last name looks “foreign.” How dare we treat other humans like this?

Again, I am speechless. The thought that the world is filled with so many racist, bigoted, xenophobic, intolerant, prejudiced, and close minded people is both maddening and profoundly sad at the same time. I have no more words to express my complete and utter disbelief.

It is no wonder that many “foreigners” think that all Americans are assholes. It is a shame that Americans have to try to hide where they are from when they visit abroad. All I can say is shame. Shame on those who act like this. You should remember that most of us didn’t come from America either. At one point your ancestors were immigrants in this country who probably didn’t speak English, either. How dare you disrespect human beings because of the things they were born to? Just because they are “different”? Every human on this earth was created equally. You’d best not forget that.

Civil comments only, please. This is my house and I will not tolerate intolerance. Wow. How’s that for a contradictory statement. I mean it, though.

(Please note the quotations I use along with the word foreigner. I mean no disrespect but have tried to convey how other people view those not from the US. Also please note that I am not bashing patriotism; people need to know that “A-muhr-ica” is not the only country in this world.)