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Life is always hectic after a move no matter the distance traveled. The past month has been full of adjusting, dealing with an incredibly obstinate landlord who refuses to fix certain issues with our apartment, and running around from one event to another. Following up from the last post I bought a car and most importantly my parents are both doing well.

I’m currently posting from Big Bay State Park on Madeline Island (where apparently the park closes at 11PM but there are NO SIGNS POSTED). Signal is finicky due to not having any cell phone towers on the island itself so sometimes we’ll have full 3G service one moment and absolutely nothing the next despite the fact that we haven’t budged from our seat. And thanks to the WordPress app for android I haven’t had to try to type this in the browser rendition of the WordPress installation. I’ve had to edit the post in the browser because the upload failed and there is no edit in the app. Oh well. Isn’t technology grand?

But I’ll be waiting until after the trip to check in again, I believe, because I have such amazing things to do like explore the beach shown in the photo (that should be somehow) attached to this post above. I’ll also be occupied not fixating on the gazillion mosquito bites I’ve earned despite my efforts with bug spray. Mosquitoes are are state bird of Wisconsin, you know.

It seems that even camping can’t break my habit of waking up in the early AM and being unable to fall back asleep.


Where do I even start. Those who follow me on twitter have seen most of everything that has happened since last Friday as it unfolded. There is so much… I don’t even know what that has go on that I wanted to sit down and write the whole thing up, start to, well, present. Cause honey, this ain’t over.

Today is June 6. I had told my landlord we would be out of our house on June 5. The plan was for us (note the emphasis) to be together in Wisconsin last night. But the best laid plans of mice and men and all that. Hang on because this is the story of the weekend that just would not end. Continue reading…

Moving. Ack.

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I know last week I made some progress on actually writing. This week that all fizzled. Between attending two birthday parties last weekend, trying to spend as much time with family as possible, going to the dentist three times this week (3!! I had three cavities all on different sides of my mouth so they filled them different days), preparing at work for someone else to come in, and packing (!!!) I just haven’t written.

So here is a photo of a rose.

The big moving dates are June 4 and 5. I’m somewhat prepared but there’s still so much stuff that I need to do. Pack. Arrange. Make calls about. I may not be able to devote much time to writing until after the move.

Wordless on Wednesday

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Of wind & sea

Some of the most pleasant dreams that I’ve had recently have been about the beach. When I was younger, my grandparents owned a camper that they kept on a lot in Myrtle Beach. The campground was right on the beach so the shore was just a few hundred feet away from where we stayed. Nearly every summer my family would go and stay for at least one week. Sometimes my grandparents would take us (me and my three sisters). I think the last time I went was in 2005.

I have many, many memories of those weeks spent at the beach. There are a few that actually aren’t that pleasant. I have the type of skin that doesn’t really tan; I’m either ghostly white (my sisters endearingly call me Casper) or I burn, even with SPF 60. So there were a few times that I ended up with a bad sunburn. Then there’s the time I went face first off my bike and scraped my lip up terribly. And let’s not forget the 8 hour one way car trip it took to get there.

But the good things far outweigh all of that. Continue reading…

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