Spring Cleaning

I know, it isn’t spring. Not yet, though today had highs in at least the 50s and tomorrow the forecast is a high of 68F Who has 68F weather in the middle of February? This place, I guess. Anyway. I am finally mustering up the energy to take care of some behind the scenes things for echodrift and my other websites. The theme I’m still working on. Honestly, I thought about using a pre-made one but I’ve not found one that supports the width of photos that I’ve used in my posts. Of course, I haven’t looked that hard either because I really do enjoy making my own. I think. There is the part where I haven’t made one in two years that would seem to contradict that statement.

As these things usually do, the notion has struck me at a time when my access to a computer is going to be restricted for a few days. I am going to to try to hold on to that motivation and actually see it through, though. I’ve had a bit of a rough time this year. Work has had its usual high levels of stress and aggravation. My husband caught a bad case of pneumonia back in January. The 103F fever, scary shaking chills kind of pneumonia. He’s doing well now but is still very tired. I found out yesterday after having some small troubles breathing on Monday night that now I have a mild case of pneumonia. I don’t know if I can blame him for it but I can joke about it. We have plans for this weekend that I really don’t intend to back out of.

Throughout all of it I’ve not really been making time to do things I enjoy and have instead been sort of simply existing. Even my 365 project, which I was so gung ho about a few weeks ago, is fizzling. I missed yesterday and I don’t know that I can make myself take one more bland and completely uninspired photo just so that I can say “Hah! I have a photo for today.” I would much rather put time and effort into finding and taking photos like this:


Opportunities like that don’t come along every day, though. And I know that one has to get out and look for those opportunities but I don’t think I can do that right now.

I am going way off topic. This is what happens when I don’t really have a subject in mind, start writing late in the evening, and then realize that it’s much later in the evening and that I have many, many things to do before I sleep. So. I’m sick but hopefully getting better. Technical things will be going on for echodrift.com over the next few days. DNS servers will be changing so I will wait until everything is settled to start updating again. Updating is something I do fully intend to do. Lots to do this weekend and I’m not ready for it yet.