Life is always hectic after a move no matter the distance traveled. The past month has been full of adjusting, dealing with an incredibly obstinate landlord who refuses to fix certain issues with our apartment, and running around from one event to another. Following up from the last post I bought a car and most importantly my parents are both doing well.

I’m currently posting from Big Bay State Park on Madeline Island (where apparently the park closes at 11PM but there are NO SIGNS POSTED). Signal is finicky due to not having any cell phone towers on the island itself so sometimes we’ll have full 3G service one moment and absolutely nothing the next despite the fact that we haven’t budged from our seat. And thanks to the WordPress app for android I haven’t had to try to type this in the browser rendition of the WordPress installation. I’ve had to edit the post in the browser because the upload failed and there is no edit in the app. Oh well. Isn’t technology grand?

But I’ll be waiting until after the trip to check in again, I believe, because I have such amazing things to do like explore the beach shown in the photo (that should be somehow) attached to this post above. I’ll also be occupied not fixating on the gazillion mosquito bites I’ve earned despite my efforts with bug spray. Mosquitoes are are state bird of Wisconsin, you know.

It seems that even camping can’t break my habit of waking up in the early AM and being unable to fall back asleep.