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Amazing sky

Just a quick post because I HAVE to share these photos. I was bumming around my apartment being supremely productive when I noticed that it was darker outside than it should have been. Since there is a slight possibility of thunderstorms today I ran outside to roll up the windows in my car. (This is why I never leave my windows down.) (Whoo boy, I cannot run. And probably shouldn’t, as a specialist has advised me not to. High impact = no good for my feet.) (Anyway.) I got outside and went HOLY CRAP, rolled up the windows quick, and darted inside to get my camera because this is what I saw.

I highly recommend clicking through to see the large versions of these. I haven’t done anything to these except stitch them together with Hugin. Two things: first, hand held shooting for panoramas is difficult. The top image especially is not as spectacular as it could have been because I didn’t align the shots very well. Second, I really should have taken the time to grab my 18-55mm because 50mm wasn’t wide enough. However, I was afraid that they would be gone before I got back outside so I picked up the camera as it was. Since my 50mm is my go-to lens it was already on the camera.

I also had my phone on me so I snapped a few using it’s less than stellar camera. It is, however, wide angle so this offers a more complete view of just how expansive this cloud formation was. (Please ignore the building, I had no time to get somewhere where I would have a more unobstructed view.)

I realized I should probably include some close-ups of these because there’s just so much detail:

Geek Culture: not so great actually

A few days ago, this image came across my Facebook feed.

The accompanying text reads “F*** Barbie. I’m buying my daughter a ray-gun.”

It stood out because on the surface, it seems to be an overall good message. There are probably very few people who haven’t heard of at least one of the women on the top row. Each of them has achieved some level of fame or notoriety (or infamy). To identify any on the bottom row would require a certain level of dedication to watching science fiction space traveling TV shows, aka being a geek. I suppose I need to turn in my “geek” card somewhere because the only character on the bottom row that I could identify on my own was Zoë. But because I am a perfectionist dedicated to thoroughness, I’ve identified all 10 women for you. Continue reading…

No news is frustrating news

I’m glad that no matter how often I lapse in blogging my site is still here when I need it. Some of this is just recapping some snippets I’ve put on twitter but these past few days I haven’t even been doing that. Other than instagram-ing some photos and wishing my phone had a better camera!

Last week I did have the blood tests done that my doctor had suggested (but still left up to me). I’m still sporting a large bruise on my right arm from where the first stick attempt ended in a vein blowout. I’ve never had that happen before but I don’t blame the nurse. I’ve known for awhile that I have tiny veins. I’ve even been stuck before and had no blood come out, even. Anyway, second stick in the back of my left hand worked though I have another small bruise there. To my surprise I got the results the same day: everything is in normal ranges, meaning that it’s probably not a thyroid issue and another indication that it’s still very unlikely that I have PCOS. Not impossible, just unlikely.

(Also, the nurse doing the draw thought that I was 18! She could tell what I was there for by the tests ordered and thought I couldn’t be old enough to be thinking about having a baby yet. I was like nooo… I’m 27?)

It’s good news because there’s nothing “wrong” but it’s not much of an answer, which is just frustrating. I know I’m an over thinker and I’m having a hard time accepting that there isn’t much I can do to control any of this. To fix anything. Feeling like a broken person isn’t exactly new, though, because of all the problems I’ve had with headaches and the fact that I’ve found nothing to help those. I’m pretty sure that no one likes feeling helpless so I know that all that I’m feeling is normal. This whole thing is normal and I’m not the only one who is, has, or will have been in this situation. It just helps to say that out loud.

We are still talking about our other options –it’s definitely “we” because all of this affects the husband too– and sort of taking it one day at a time. And now I’m having panicky thoughts about how much I should share and when and holy crap I’m telling the internet everything! Well, not everything; there are certain details I’ll certainly be keeping to myself.

What I need to do and am trying to do is find other things to do to occupy my time cause honestly, sitting on my asa in front ot the TV and moping isn’t going to do anyone any good, least of all me. Some friends and I are trying to get together regularly and walk, both for exercise and as something to get us all out of our own spaces for a bit. The first day it rained so that turned into a manicure party. The second day I managed to hurt my knee AND hip somehow so today is just our third day. Here’s hoping I don’t injure myself again!

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