Amazing sky

Just a quick post because I HAVE to share these photos. I was bumming around my apartment being supremely productive when I noticed that it was darker outside than it should have been. Since there is a slight possibility of thunderstorms today I ran outside to roll up the windows in my car. (This is why I never leave my windows down.) (Whoo boy, I cannot run. And probably shouldn’t, as a specialist has advised me not to. High impact = no good for my feet.) (Anyway.) I got outside and went HOLY CRAP, rolled up the windows quick, and darted inside to get my camera because this is what I saw.

I highly recommend clicking through to see the large versions of these. I haven’t done anything to these except stitch them together with Hugin. Two things: first, hand held shooting for panoramas is difficult. The top image especially is not as spectacular as it could have been because I didn’t align the shots very well. Second, I really should have taken the time to grab my 18-55mm because 50mm wasn’t wide enough. However, I was afraid that they would be gone before I got back outside so I picked up the camera as it was. Since my 50mm is my go-to lens it was already on the camera.

I also had my phone on me so I snapped a few using it’s less than stellar camera. It is, however, wide angle so this offers a more complete view of just how expansive this cloud formation was. (Please ignore the building, I had no time to get somewhere where I would have a more unobstructed view.)

I realized I should probably include some close-ups of these because there’s just so much detail: