Bring on spring

As I type this, more snow is falling. I don’t think we’re supposed to get more accumulation but enough with the snow already. I knew last winter was extremely mild for this area but this is ridiculous. There are a few things fueling my increasing dislike of snow.

For one, apartment management does a piss poor job at snow removal in the lot and on our sidewalk. Our car has nearly been blocked in several times due to the ridiculous mound that gets left behind the parked cars. Do they ever let us know ahead of time when they’ll be plowing so that we can move the car? Nope. The person plowing regularly ends up piling a ton of snow at the end of the sidewalk where it joins the parking lot and they don’t always make a clear path, meaning that it becomes rather treacherous. And, since they don’t salt anything but part of the sidewalk, the whole lot often turns into an ice rink.

Secondly, my feet have said ENOUGH to me wearing snow boots. I have high arches and I think one doctor said my heels are oddly twisted. Additionally there is something freaky with one of my ankles so wearing shoe inserts doesn’t help much. I pretty much live in whatever athletic shoes fit best. Because shoe companies feel like they have to keep changing the design and renaming shoes, this means that when it’s time for a new pair (like now), I pretty much try on every single 8 1/2 that I can find and then narrow it down. But snow boots? No such luck. I haven’t even been able to find a good pair of regular boots since I started having problems with my feet. The snow boots I have are better than most of those but they aren’t nearly supportive enough. As a result my left foot has been screwed up for over a week. I’ve only worn my boots once since then to take out the recycling. Remember how poorly they plow the parking lot? There was a huge sheet of ice covered with snow and surrounded by huge puddles so the boots were necessary. I’m still waiting for my foot to get better because some days it hurts before I even get out of bed.

Thirdly, something that I’ve mentioned quite a few times on twitter. One of the not so fun pregnancy issues I’ve been having for about five weeks now is Pelvic Girdle Pain. Short version: the joints in my pelvis are relaxing too much. And early. It means that things like rolling over in bed, getting in and out of a car, and any movement that takes my legs in a side to side motion are extremely painful. So when I have to walk across a very icy sidewalk and/or parking lot and my legs start sliding in all directions, even barely an inch, that hurts. Thankfully the pain has mostly let up. For now. It could come back any time, especially as this child grows and puts more pressure on my pelvis. Not really much fun at all.

Finally? I refuse to buy a maternity coat. It won’t (at least, it shouldn’t) be cold for that much longer and who knows if I will ever need it again. I’m already about to outgrow my non maternity clothes so I’d rather buy warm weather clothing. Of course, being 9 months pregnant in July is not going to be very pleasant either but I’ll deal with it. Somehow.

So enough of the snow. Give us warmer weather!