I’m alive! My blog is not. I was struggling to keep up with even before having a baby and, well, after this just wasn’t high on my priority list. That and taking care of a newborn is pretty much a full time job. Even now, almost 4 months later there are still days when I don’t get much done other than feed, change, and nap him.

One thing that I struggled with before was having material to write about. I had (and still have) photos to post but that was about it. Now I have the whole world of mommyblogging to explore. But I’m not going to. I had started to lean this way even before I had my son but since then I have decided that I am not interested in putting that much information out there. I’ve even made my Instagram private so that I have a reasonable idea of who sees his photos. It’s not just my story that I would be sharing and I feel very protective of my son and his photos.

This isn’t to say that I won’t ever be writing about being a parent, or never mentioning my son. I’m just not going to be posting many, if any, pictures, or going into much detail about anything. The internet is forever. Whenever he’s old enough, he can decide what sort of digital footprint to leave.

So. What’s next? Now that we’ve started to sort of fall into a routine (and we’ve mostly moved past the every two hour feeds!) I’m looking for online/work from home positions. We would love for our next move to be into our own house and some extra income would help with saving for a down payment. That, and I would like to work. Some. A little bit. I may have found something that, on paper, sounds exactly like what I’m looking for but I’m still in the application process. If it works out, I’ll actually be sitting down with my laptop more and may end up writing somewhat more frequently. Well, more than once every four months!