A little navelgazing

Obviously I didn’t make a New Year’s Resolution to write more for the blog. I’ve started up several posts on Issues but I haven’t been able to fully hash them out or maybe I just don’t have the words yet to fully articulate my thoughts. While that’s all very frustrating I realized that I haven’t actually sat down and wrote much of anything about this pregnancy or how I’m doing so I’m allowing myself to do just that.

First trimester wrap-up! So far as actual pregnancy related issues I didn’t have many. I was (and still am) feeling sick at the thought of preparing or eating most meat. It wasn’t something I particularly enjoyed before getting pregnant so I’m not surprised. It’s just now I’m having to work extra hard to get enough protein and iron. Morning sickness? Not an issue (knock on wood). I know a few other gals who are due the same month as me and a couple of them have needed medication and IV fluids because of their extreme morning sickness. No, I got “lucky” in that I only had a 24 hour GI flu the week after Thanksgiving and then getting the for real influenza type a the week of Christmas. I should have gotten a flu shot in the fall but I’ve never ever had one so I was pretty ambivalent. Then at my first OB appointment at 8 weeks they said I should wait until 12 weeks to get one. Wouldn’t you know, 10 weeks in, BOOM, got the flu. Other than that (which was horrible), sore boobs, and feeling tired and needing to take naps (something I almost never do), I had it pretty easy.

Oh right, first appointment. Everything was pretty routine. I did have somewhat of an issue with my doctor not reviewing my chart before seeing me because one of the first things she mentioned was that I didn’t need any assistance to achieve this pregnancy. I know I had only seen her in person once before but we’ve talked on the phone multiple times since and she’s signed multiple prescriptions for me. I know doctors are busy but that irked me. Following the exam we went to the ultrasound room and got to see one little baby with a flickering heartbeat on the screen. Seeing that there was, in fact, a heartbeat was the biggest relief. The second was seeing that it wasn’t twins. I knew going in that it was a rather high probability and I wouldn’t have been upset if it were. I know know that a) pregnancy with twins is more difficult and b) raising twins is more difficult, in a way that having multiple children isn’t. First hand experience growing up as a twin, remember?

Between my first and second appointment I had the opportunity to switch doctors. Actually, it was to switch hospital systems. So I did, for a number of reasons. It’s not that I had any strict issues with my first OB or the nurses. They were all very nice and I think we would have gotten along. There were just other things about the first hospital, and the OB herself not remembering me, and things that the other hospital could offer, that made switching seem like a good idea. The visit got off to a little bit of a rocky start when one of the nurses asked my sister-in-law if she was the grandmother. Michael was really confused and my sister-in-law understandably upset. The nurse had to either underestimate mine or Michael’s age and overestimate my sister-in-laws OR not be paying attention to ages at all and just trying to figure out where she “fit in”. But. Once they got the new patient stuff out of the way and I met the OB I was glad that I had switched. She was very nice, listened thoughtfully to what I had to say, and didn’t dismiss anything I said out of hand. I do have a whole slew of questions to ask at my upcoming appointments but I really think everything is going to work out.

First few weeks of the second trimester? Everything I’ve read is wrong. Nearly every article and book I’ve read says that you should start to feel more energy, headaches typically happen less often, and you have to get up less in the middle of the night. SO NOT TRUE. I’ve been having headache problems since my last OB appointment. Since I had issues before I have no idea if this is caused by the pregnancy or if it’s just the same old thing (whatever it is) come back. I’m still getting up once if not twice at night because OMG, can’t ignore the call of the bladder. I’m still getting tired very easily but that may be partly due to being slightly anemic. That whole aversion to meat thing is probably not helping with that at all so I’m just trying to make sure to get iron from other sources.

Other than those few issues and the fact that I’m losing a little sleep over them, everything is going well. I’m now 15 weeks along (!) and have roughly 25 (!!) to go. No unmanageable cravings and no major problems. I had thought I was going to have issues with sciatica but I think that I was causing hip pain by trying to avoid it. That doesn’t make sense at all but I had started sleeping with a pillow between my knees just to get used to it for when I need it and to hopefully head off any problems. Not long after my left hip started hurting. Majorly. It took me longer to figure out than it probably should have but I decided to stop using the pillow. Less than a week later (I think; this was a few weeks ago) and I’ve had nothing like that pain. Knock on wood that it doesn’t come back because it was pretty miserable.

So far as weight gain goes, I have no idea. I don’t own a scale and haven’t been weighed often on the same scale lately. If anything I’m about even because of losing so much due to being sick. I am, however, growing out of some of my clothes. Even though I don’t wear very short shirts they’re just not long enough anymore. I think I’m going to be able to get at least another week or two out of rubber banding my pants (which the husband finds hilarious) but I think I’ll need to move on to actual maternity pants before February is over, unless I just stay home all the time in lounge pants. That’s not very likely because I like to hang out with friends.

That’s about it for now. Still to come: are we going to (try to) find out the sex at my 20 week ultrasound? We’re both still undecided so this could get interesting. And! Lots of cleaning and organizing to try to make sure that once we start getting things for the baby (hopefully just necessities but I know how it goes) that we actually still have room to walk. Or even more exciting (exhausting), if we end up moving before July. And so many other things that could potentially happen in the next six months.