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Amazing sky

Just a quick post because I HAVE to share these photos. I was bumming around my apartment being supremely productive when I noticed that it was darker outside than it should have been. Since there is a slight possibility of thunderstorms today I ran outside to roll up the windows in my car. (This is why I never leave my windows down.) (Whoo boy, I cannot run. And probably shouldn’t, as a specialist has advised me not to. High impact = no good for my feet.) (Anyway.) I got outside and went HOLY CRAP, rolled up the windows quick, and darted inside to get my camera because this is what I saw.

I highly recommend clicking through to see the large versions of these. I haven’t done anything to these except stitch them together with Hugin. Two things: first, hand held shooting for panoramas is difficult. The top image especially is not as spectacular as it could have been because I didn’t align the shots very well. Second, I really should have taken the time to grab my 18-55mm because 50mm wasn’t wide enough. However, I was afraid that they would be gone before I got back outside so I picked up the camera as it was. Since my 50mm is my go-to lens it was already on the camera.

I also had my phone on me so I snapped a few using it’s less than stellar camera. It is, however, wide angle so this offers a more complete view of just how expansive this cloud formation was. (Please ignore the building, I had no time to get somewhere where I would have a more unobstructed view.)

I realized I should probably include some close-ups of these because there’s just so much detail:

Macro lens get

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Back in November I finally bought the macro lens that I’ve been eying for ages. And when I say ages I actually mean that I’ve wanted a macro lens since I got my first Nikon 3 years ago. I’ll also say that when my husband asks me how much money I would spend on camera gear if I could I tell him that however much he can think of, that’s how much I could spend. $2,000? Sure, that will get me a really nice lens. $3,000? Full frame here I come. $5,000? $10,000? No problem. Here’s the thing: I’m not an impulse buyer. (Usually; my new hair straightener was a bit of an impulse but my old one is 6+ years old!) Even when I take my time, do research, and fully consider the pros and cons of buying new camera equipment I often end up with buyers remorse. That’s just how I am about money.

I could talk about all the technicalities of the lenses I already own and all the technical reasons why I bought the one I did but this isn’t a technical post. Basically, the 90mm focal length is helping to fill a gap that I have and the macro feature is a bonus. My problem is that I haven’t actually used it all that much, a problem I need to fix. Warm weather, please come quickly! Considering that we’re in Wisconsin now that’s probably not likely.

These are, once again, some older photos. When we traveled south to visit family for Christmas the weather was warm enough for me to walk around and test the lens out on my mom’s Boxer, Chief, and her flower bed. While her glorious day lilies are not in bloom I still enjoyed it.

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