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I’m alive! My blog is not. I was struggling to keep up with even before having a baby and, well, after this just wasn’t high on my priority list. That and taking care of a newborn is pretty much a full time job. Even now, almost 4 months later there are still days when I don’t get much done other than feed, change, and nap him.

One thing that I struggled with before was having material to write about. I had (and still have) photos to post but that was about it. Now I have the whole world of mommyblogging to explore. But I’m not going to. I had started to lean this way even before I had my son but since then I have decided that I am not interested in putting that much information out there. I’ve even made my Instagram private so that I have a reasonable idea of who sees his photos. It’s not just my story that I would be sharing and I feel very protective of my son and his photos.

This isn’t to say that I won’t ever be writing about being a parent, or never mentioning my son. I’m just not going to be posting many, if any, pictures, or going into much detail about anything. The internet is forever. Whenever he’s old enough, he can decide what sort of digital footprint to leave.

So. What’s next? Now that we’ve started to sort of fall into a routine (and we’ve mostly moved past the every two hour feeds!) I’m looking for online/work from home positions. We would love for our next move to be into our own house and some extra income would help with saving for a down payment. That, and I would like to work. Some. A little bit. I may have found something that, on paper, sounds exactly like what I’m looking for but I’m still in the application process. If it works out, I’ll actually be sitting down with my laptop more and may end up writing somewhat more frequently. Well, more than once every four months!

Server move

Just testing things out to make sure everything came over properly. I have some work to do with other sites so progress is coming. Eventually.

Spring Cleaning

I know, it isn’t spring. Not yet, though today had highs in at least the 50s and tomorrow the forecast is a high of 68F Who has 68F weather in the middle of February? This place, I guess. Anyway. I am finally mustering up the energy to take care of some behind the scenes things for echodrift and my other websites. The theme I’m still working on. Honestly, I thought about using a pre-made one but I’ve not found one that supports the width of photos that I’ve used in my posts. Of course, I haven’t looked that hard either because I really do enjoy making my own. I think. There is the part where I haven’t made one in two years that would seem to contradict that statement.

As these things usually do, the notion has struck me at a time when my access to a computer is going to be restricted for a few days. I am going to to try to hold on to that motivation and actually see it through, though. I’ve had a bit of a rough time this year. Work has had its usual high levels of stress and aggravation. My husband caught a bad case of pneumonia back in January. The 103F fever, scary shaking chills kind of pneumonia. He’s doing well now but is still very tired. I found out yesterday after having some small troubles breathing on Monday night that now I have a mild case of pneumonia. I don’t know if I can blame him for it but I can joke about it. We have plans for this weekend that I really don’t intend to back out of.

Throughout all of it I’ve not really been making time to do things I enjoy and have instead been sort of simply existing. Even my 365 project, which I was so gung ho about a few weeks ago, is fizzling. I missed yesterday and I don’t know that I can make myself take one more bland and completely uninspired photo just so that I can say “Hah! I have a photo for today.” I would much rather put time and effort into finding and taking photos like this:


Opportunities like that don’t come along every day, though. And I know that one has to get out and look for those opportunities but I don’t think I can do that right now.

I am going way off topic. This is what happens when I don’t really have a subject in mind, start writing late in the evening, and then realize that it’s much later in the evening and that I have many, many things to do before I sleep. So. I’m sick but hopefully getting better. Technical things will be going on for over the next few days. DNS servers will be changing so I will wait until everything is settled to start updating again. Updating is something I do fully intend to do. Lots to do this weekend and I’m not ready for it yet.

What gives?

Last night I sat down and was all ready to write up an entry on how I’ve spent so much time reading lately that I just haven’t bothered to blog. So I tried to bring up my WordPress Admin page when I get a “Server not found” message. Oh no, not again. So I tried another site (it is in dire need of attention and shall not be named) and got the same story. I tried to ping both sites and got a “ping request could not find the host” message. Support caught one of my tweets and looked into the issue but everything is shiny on their side. No one has problems accessing anything.

My host did make an announcement about some nameserver updates but since it really only applied to customers using nameservers I wasn’t supposed to have to do anything. Support had me to manually flush my DNS cache but when that yielded no favorable results they asked if I could change my nameservers anyway, just in case. I was able to for the neglected site but then I remembered: this domain was registered through Netrillium. A few days ago I got a message saying that Netrillium would be merging with AxisHOST. (Aside: I am so tired of businesses and products that are like LowercaseALLCAPS. Do they have any idea how annoying that is to type, especially when you have to refer to them often in typed communications?) As of Wednesday, all domain updates would be handled through the AxisHOST control center and if you didn’t already have an account you needed to request one. Of course I would need to try to update my nameservers on the day they made the switch and I didn’t already have an account.

Honestly, I don’t want to bother with changing nameservers. But, since the company says everything is fine, I don’t have many other options. I’m able to access everything now but I suspect that this is due to my using a different ISP at the moment. If it is something to do with my ISP there isn’t much I can do about that; they’re my only option for cable.

So. Entry on books to come later. You should take a look at my books page to see how large the list has grown in the meantime.


I feel as if it is necessary to explain the recent “downtime.” Some visitors may have noticed that, at various times, they receive a “Page Load Error” or “Page Cannot be Displayed” message when trying to access this site or Captured. There’s a slight problem, though: I don’t have an explanation.

On November 17 I reported this issue to my hosting company. My sister had asked me if my sites were down. I pulled them up and found out that no, they weren’t. Not for me, at least. She was not able to access them for several days. In the following weeks I found out that at seemingly random times, sometimes just hours or even minutes of being able to access either of the sites, the only thing I was able to see was a “Page Load Error” message. During that time I was in communication with the hosting company through their support system regarding this issue. They said that it could have something to do with my ISP. However, it’s not just my ISP. At present I know with certainty that three separate ISPs have issues resolving the domain name. I have been told by others that they also have these problems accessing the site.

According to my host it has never been an issue with the server being down. To my knowledge, my sites are the only ones on the server having issues. I have never been told otherwise. They have informed me that they have been looking into the issue to see if the problem is being caused by something other than my ISP. After several messages back and forth with my host one measure has been taken to possibly fix the situation. I am currently waiting for more information to find out if this has been resolved for good. Since it happens at random to different people it will be difficult to determine.

So I have another favor to ask: If at any time after this you find that you cannot access this site please let me know. A short message to atyler[at] will be enough, though if you don’t care to include who your ISP is I would greatly appreciate it.

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