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What a week

Yes, I know that it’s only Wednesday. And yet I find myself saying this: what a week. I was very disappointed this morning because as soon as I woke up I thought it was Friday but then realized that it’s only Wednesday.

Next week is a week of training on new software at work so these past two days I’ve been busy preparing machines to be used during training. For many different reasons it hasn’t gone well. The most baffling one is that the software won’t install unless you have a PDF reader installed. The software even shows a list of components that have to be installed before installation can start but a PDF reader isn’t on the list at all. Chalk one up for learning the hard way. This is what I’ve been going on about on twitter today. I saw far too many “Fatal error during installation” messages for my liking. However, towards the end of the day things started going better. I have about half of the machines I need ready so I’m more optimistic about tomorrow.

It looks like work is going to be taking a lot of time and energy for me in the upcoming weeks. I may end up tweeting more than posting because some days I just feel like I couldn’t write a coherent post to save my life.

Hello world!

This is the first post! I’m working on refining all of the templates, adding and configuring plugins, and adding the content now that wordpress is installed. Look for more updates in the near future.

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